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Pros and Cons of staying Indie or gettin signed.
Stay Indie or Get signed, it’s a big decision in the life of a Musical artist.


Become a Music industry 2.0 Leader

What is the “Music industry 2.0?”

We all know things have changed in the music industry. Every time I go to a social media page or group I see artists complaining about how broken the music business is these days. 

If you live in a rural area, a small town or an Indian reservation You know the struggle. Living in a rural community means fewer opportunities for playing out, Fewer opportunities for contact with agents and industry insiders, and fewer opportunities to get your music in front of fans and customers.

There are opportunities that exist in the Music Business 2.0 today that mean you can achieve your music career dreams.


Far too many artists don’t understand Just how changes in the music industry have changed the way that fans interact with Both music and the artist. The internet has most certainly changed the way fans access music but not only has The internet changed the way fan’s interact with our music but it has also changed how we as artists interact with our fans. Fans want a more direct experience with the artist. 

Fans understand that the corporate Music world has filtered and controlled The image that was presented of the artist and also controlled The artist’s music. Fan’s also know that the majority of the money they pay for the artists music goes to corporate middle men.



 Things you need for  successful music career:

  1. An understanding of how the music business has changed and how that change can benefit the artist
  2. How to find and engage your ideal fans and customers
  3. How to create an email list full of eager fans
  4. How to set up your band/artist website using word press
  5. Understanding the anatomy of a sales funnel
  6. how to reach out to your ideal fans/customers without looking salesy


Join The 7th Gen Academy and start a Music industry 2.0 Revolution
Join The 7th Gen Academy and start a Music industry 2.0 Revolution