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10 New Ways Musicians can make money

10 innovative ways to make Money as a musician

Multiple sources of Income is the best way to stay on top financially
Multiple sources of Income is the best way to stay on top financially

Let’s face it no matter what you do in life you’re going to need Money. Whether it be to pay the bills where to put gas or tires on your car or if you have family. Unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth trying to follow the path of being a working musician and keeping all the bills paid can be a challenging lifestyle.

I believe that too many musicians are putting all of their eggs and the one basket and this is leading then to struggle with their finances as a musician/entrepreneur in the music business 2.0 you have to be willing to consider a diverse set of monetization strategies.

Here are some innovative ways that musicians can increase their income while still working and doing what they love.


  1. Build and grow your YouTube channel and monetize it with ads
  2. Give lessons:  consider creating an online course for music lessons on your primary instrument
  3. Be an affiliate for a company that you endorse
  4. Crowdfunding:  if you’ve got a decent following of fans allow them to support you through services like Kickstarter or patreon
  5. Create Fiverr gigs that allow you to write jingles, mix other people’s music or play as a session musician on another artist’s track
  6. Write music for videographers and video game makers; in the same way that the internet has created new opportunities for musicians there are also now a ton of independent video makers and video game makers that are out there looking for new music for their projects
  7. Create a VIP fan portal on your website that allows fans to join for a small fee where they will receive extra hidden content
  8. Create an informational product. If you’ve already mastered some aspect of marketing and or sales for your own career create a short informational lesson and sell it to other musicians
  9. Record and sell backing tracks
  10. Become a producer. If you’re good at recording mixing and mastering your own music consider producing other people’s music and renting out your studio


These are just ten ways for you to increase your income potential there are others and if you have other ideas or ways that you are making money now in the music business 2.0 please feel free to add them to the comments below.

My name is Richard Artichoker, I am The Founder and Creator of the 7th Gen Academy for DIY Musicians. I have been involved with various aspects of the Music Business for 30 years. in 1992 I founded the hard Rock band "7th Generation". I stopped playing out live 13 years ago but continue to research the music market and digital sales and marketing techniques and I want to share my experience and knowledge with you.
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