Rich Artichoker


Rich Artichoker is a member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe of South Dakota.

Rich has been involved in music since the 1970’s when he began playing in local high school bands . He has been involved with the music business to various degrees for over 30 years.

 Rich wanted to take his music career to the next level and attended The Recording Workshop In Chillicothe Ohio and there he received his certification in recording engineering and graduated one of the Top five of his class that year.  Rich also went on to spend a year at Music Tech of Minneapolis in 90-91 (which is now called McNally Smith College of Music In St Paul Minn.)

Rich  went on to form the hard rock band 7th Generation in 1992 and over the next three years worked with fellow band mates to grow the band and achieve national exposure.  For their hard work 7th Generation was offered recording contracts with  Red vinyl Records, Canyon records and Scotty Bros. Records

In The summer of 1993 Rich and His fellow band mates from 7th Generation were invited to play in New York City at a Native American Music festival and while there they met Ellen Bello. It was during  the next three days spent with Ellen in New York City That Rich outlined a vision for improving the reach and marketability of native musicians everywhere. It was this in-depth discussion that Inspired Ellen to move forward and create the Native American Music Association (NAMA) and the Native American Music Awards  which has come to be affectionately Known as The NAMY’s. You Can find The NAMY’s About Us Page here.

Success was not to be easily had however, and the band broke up in the fall of 1995. Rich went on to be a founding member of the Band “Wakinya” in 1996 with Lead singer Darren Geffre who then went on to have his own successful solo career.

Rich left The spotlight as lead guitarist for local bands but has never lost his passion for music and spent the next 13 years studying internet marketing under several mentors including, Paul Piotrowski, Chris farrell, Russell Brunson, and Seth Godin. The lessons that Rich has learned about marketing and entrepreneurship that drives his passion to help musicians from all walks of life succeed in their own careers.

Rich began working on his Vision to create a resource for working DIY musicians through the 7thGen Music website, a site dedicated to assisting Musicians in planning their music Careers and educating musicians in the principles of entrepreneurship and marketing their music in order to reach their career goals.