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How to succeed in the music Business: Make the most of your free downloads.

How to make the Most of your Free Music downloads or Leveraging your Free MP3’s

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How to Leverage your free music giveaways
So, I don’t think it’s any secret that a lot of musicians offer at least some of their music as a free music download, and a few artists offer all of their online music for free as an MP3 download.  Occasionally the free music giveaway method does work but it depends entirely on the relationship that that artist has developed with their fans.  An artist I was speaking with recently Nailed it, “Your Vibe Determines your tribe.”   Thanks Brandy!@ 
Most musicians Know that giving away a few tracks from an upcoming Album release can be part of a successful promotional effort.  some artists will give away full albums worth of material or Ep’s. Most artists however are going about it all wrong and are missing a Huge opportunity  when it comes to making the very most of their giveaway products.  When it comes to your Free promotional offers you really need to put your Entrepreneurs hat on and you should be thinking, ” How can I create THE MOST Leverage from This giveaway.”

What is Leverage?

Lets take a look at a few entrepreneurial concepts. When entrepreneurs in any market talk about leverage what they are referring to is using their resources to generate some form of advantage in their business. Their goals will often include: Increasing the visibility of their brand, adding value to their brand and their specific niche market, gaining trust and loyalty from their market and increasing their opt in rates to their email list. The business concept we are invoking in this instance is what is known as “reciprocity”. What this means is that a person is much more willing and inclined to give something back when they receive a gift from you. This is a marketing concept that is used by businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world. Why? Because it works. It is one of the primary concepts that digital marketers use to create Leverage in their marketing campaigns.
If you are not utilizing your free Music offers to accomplish at least one of of these goals you are missing out on a huge opportunity to leverage your brand and your services to your niche market.

Five  ways to Leverage your Free music giveaways.

  1. Offer free downloads as a reward for signing up to your email list
  2. Offer free downloads as rewards for liking your Facebook or other social media pages
  3. Offer free downloads as “gift”  Bonus tracks for purchasing Ep’s or albums directly from your website
  4. Offer free Music downloads as “gifts” for signing up for your Patreon, Kickstarter or other crowd funding campaign
  5. Offer “exclusive” Free songs as a reward for signing up for your “members only” VIP program

Create value in your Niche market, if you don’t who will?

Always keep in mind that your are an entrepreneur/musician, Not just an artist, but a business person as well.  Don’t be afraid to ask for a fair exchange of value from your niche market and always be striving to find ways to impart VALUE    to your fans. This is how you will begin to create leverage toward achieving your goals in the music business.


My name is Richard Artichoker, I am The Founder and Creator of the 7th Gen Academy for DIY Musicians. I have been involved with various aspects of the Music Business for 30 years. in 1992 I founded the hard Rock band "7th Generation". I stopped playing out live 13 years ago but continue to research the music market and digital sales and marketing techniques and I want to share my experience and knowledge with you.