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How To Add Value to your artist/client relationship.

how to add value to your work

I’ve been studying online digital marketing for about 6 or 7 years now and one of the things that keeps coming up over and over regardless of which Guru you follow is the idea of adding value to your customers and clients.  As musicians I know we don’t like to use these terms we prefer to use terms like fans when speaking about the people that we create our music for.  however as you begin the Journey of becoming the CEO of your very own music Empire it is important to consider these terms and what they really mean.

the first thing you have to understand is that a fan is not necessarily a customer a fan only becomes a customer after they purchase something from you and is important to understand that the relationship between you as the product Creator and the fan is ever more valuable.  in fact converting a fan to a customer should only serve to only deepen the relationship between you and that individual purchasing your products or services.  so how do we do that how do we create a much deeper more intimate more valuable relationship between yourself and your customer.  we do this by adding value.


so let’s examine what that really means…

adding value builds relationships
You improve your Fan/artist relatinship and create trust and credibility by adding value







let’s begin by taking a look at your product; your music.


first of all when it comes to your recordings you absolutely want the best production value that you can afford for each and every one of your releases.  I believe that it’s every artist to desire to release the best quality recordings that they can but since this blog is specifically aimed at addressing the needs and the questions of the DIY artist and entrepreneur we often find that we’re faced with one of two possible scenarios which can interfere with the music recording, production and release process.  the first scenario is one that would tend to plague more beginning artists music business virgins so to speak.  I call it Rockstar fever.  this scenario occurs when a young inexperienced artist is recording their first release and because they don’t understand the process of recording and production and because they just want to get that first song out there they end up rushing the process and cutting corners ending up with a product that does not sound professional.  Even if this is your first release you have to keep in mind that you are putting a song out there and competing with millions of other artists who may be putting a lot more time effort and money into their final product. you want your product to be competitive and to demonstrate that your product is as valuable to you as it is to your customer.

the second scenario is one that tends to afflict more veteran artists and and people with a very high level of perfectionism  I call it the perfectionist nightmare.  this scenario usually occurs when one or more individuals within the band will not let themselves be satisfied with even minor details of any song being recorded and the whole project ends up taking weeks or even months longer than it should have.

as an artist seeking success in the music industry you don’t want to find yourself stuck in either of these scenarios.  Seek the balancing point between these two scenarios.  strive to create the best sounding single or album that you possibly can with your current resources but give yourself a deadline at which time it is important to move on to the next phase of the project.


product presentation


I grew up in the Midwest and was raised in the country for the most part.  I’m no farm boy mind you but I do enjoy some of the Simple Pleasures that country living can  provide.  fishing is one of those pleasures and if you ever fished or had the opportunity to be around any hardcore fisherman you’ll undoubtedly have heard the phrase “presentation is everything.”

it’s true presentation is everything we hear about it in when we go for a job interview and I’m sure we’ve all heard that first impressions make all the difference.   Many younger artists today will probably focus primarily on MP3’s and digital  releases for their music . Which means  Cover art may become an after thought  While many artists realize that cover art for their releases is important because we are living in the era of instant digital uploads, it may become one of the aspects of the business that gets bumped aside.  Please remember that your fans are waiting to be swept up by the experience that is your music and graphics are part of that experience.


Social media

social meia is best used to engage fans
Social media is a gateway to fan involvement








Social media is huge part of the whole music marketing strategy. But too many artists are using Social media to simply Spam fans, friends and family with meaningless crap from every corner of the internet and to beg people to “check my latest song release.”  Add value to your social media interactions by telling a story. involve people in the experience that is your band. get them involved in events and milestones. Keep them Up to date on your personal journey in the music business and don’t be afraid to ask fans to help out with key elements of your bands development such as Logo creation Branding and even song ideas. In short, get them involved in the experience of being in a band.  That’s what social media is for. 

Host special events such as hangout sessions, Live feeds of impromptu living room concerts and such, These kinds of events have proven successful for other artists But also don’t be afraid to create special offers to things like upcoming release parties

Make use of your Website!!

Too many artists I see put up a website and then don’t make enough effort to drive traffic to that website. many artists feel like “why should i send them to my website I have my music on:  iTunes, bandcamp, reverb nation and so on…

Sending traffic to your website is a key part of your marketing and your sales strategy which is why I wrote a post on why your band needs a website.

Without going in to a long diatribe about how and why a website is the central element of your Online music business, lets just say this… sending traffic to your website is the most effective way to capture email addresses and guide your fans through the complete online experience of what your band is all about. Take the time to consult with someone regarding the look feel and functionality of your website. make sure that you have your online brand nailed down and displayed in all of its glory on your site and don’t be afraid to make the experience of visiting your webiste as big as you can make it.  have Music Videos, a gallery of fan photos, Song lyrics,  blog posts (yes it is helpful to keep a band blog) and all the cool thangs that make you unique and important to your fans on your website and always remember to thank your fans for visiting.  make sure you also have a”call to action” on your home page wich offers the fans a chance to buy music and merchandise directly from you and also collects their emails. This is the beginning of your online Music business empire.

in closing, remember to always think of things that will enhance the fans experience of visiting your online content and sites. dont do the cookie cutter things that millions of other bands and artists are doing, be creative and look for new ways to engage your fans. your Fans and your bank account will thank you. Till next time, Rock on!!

My name is Richard Artichoker, I am The Founder and Creator of the 7th Gen Academy for DIY Musicians. I have been involved with various aspects of the Music Business for 30 years. in 1992 I founded the hard Rock band "7th Generation". I stopped playing out live 13 years ago but continue to research the music market and digital sales and marketing techniques and I want to share my experience and knowledge with you.
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ow to succeed In the Music Business: How to Identify your #1 fan

How to Identify Your fans

 “If you are marketing to everyone Then you are really marketing to  no one”. 
When It comes to marketing any Business proposition The first, and by any entrepreneurs opinion, The most important ingredient is your niche market.  One of My Business mentors once said the exact quote from above to me. His intention was  really get me to understand that targeted marketing is  the best way to improve  chances of sales .  This requires that you focus your efforts on a Target audience. This is known as a “Niche market” . The Definition of a Niche market is as follows:
A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused. The market niche defines as the product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that is intended to impact. It is also a small market segment.
As a Musician/artist/entrepreneur it’s important to have a plan to increase your chance of success and to reduce the chance of wasting time energy and other resources.  And as an entrepreneur it is important that you become familiar with what are know as “best Practices” These are tried and true methods and concepts that have become the staple of good business no matter what market you are in.  Frank Kern is one of the big players in online Marketing and commands an almost godlike status in online business circles. every year Frank does a “state of digital marketing” presentation where he gives a marketing/business lesson to the marketing community with the idea of sharing important information to increase the success of Online entrepreneurs. 
Here is an example of such a presentation.


Focusing your marketing and sales efforts on a Specific Niche Market or even a “micro-niche” ( an even smaller subset of the initial subset. – Think 18-21 year old male metal heads vs. just , “metal heads” )  This allows you to begin a conversation with a very specific known group of personality types. It allows us to reduce  the likely hood that you will waste years of just “trial and error”

Who are your Fans?

Up to date I have approached this conversation keeping in mind my own background as a musician and the conversations I’ve had with many other musicians over the years.  I have purposefully avoided using the term  “customer” or “client”  because I know this is not how Most musicians talk about their “fans” The people who come to our shows and listen to our songs.
But It is Time for a Paradigm shift….
The Music Business of 2016 demands that a DIY artist who wants to succeed on all levels begin to think like an entrepreneur and this can be a very liberating experience if you are willing to let go of some old prejudices. Your Fans can also be your customers. In fact whether you realize it or not or are willing to admit it or not your Fans have to become your Customers.  I bet 98% of the musicians who read this article don’t realize that a fan is “NOT a customer! That’s right a fan is Not a customer until you convert them! Think about it. lets say you have a band and you have a FB Fan page for your band and you have 10.000 fans subscribed to your fan page. Now you go out and record a Killer album and release it and it’s now available on every digital outlet there is; Sound cloud, band camp, CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon,  and on and on and  two weeks later you go and look at your sales analytics  and you’ve sold 200 copies…. What happened?
If I were consulting with This band the first Thing I would look at is the specific aim of their marketing campaign, did they really identify and understand their “niche-Market”

Lets find your #1 fan…

Identifying your ideal customer is a key to your overall marketing strategy. you need to have a Niche Market in order to find success with your sales strategies. When creating your “Ideal customer profile you shoulder consider the following factors.
  1. Are they male or Female
  2. How old are they
  3. Where are they from
  4. What is their educational background
  5. What is their social,financial status
  6. what are their beliefs, Religion,cultural,spiritual
  7. What are their Hobbies
  8. What are they passionate about
  9. What causes do they support
  10. What upsets them.
Creating an Ideal customer profile helps you to target your marketing efforts toward “pre-qualified” customers and increase  your chances of sales. But more importantly makes it much easier to create Engagment and trust between you and your tribe

For more information and more in-depth content please subscribe to our email list and Join the DIY Music entrepreneur movement!!


My name is Richard Artichoker, I am The Founder and Creator of the 7th Gen Academy for DIY Musicians. I have been involved with various aspects of the Music Business for 30 years. in 1992 I founded the hard Rock band "7th Generation". I stopped playing out live 13 years ago but continue to research the music market and digital sales and marketing techniques and I want to share my experience and knowledge with you.
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How to succeed in the music Business: Make the most of your free downloads.

How to make the Most of your Free Music downloads or Leveraging your Free MP3’s

Free MP3 downloads, MP3's, Music Downloads
How to Leverage your free music giveaways
So, I don’t think it’s any secret that a lot of musicians offer at least some of their music as a free music download, and a few artists offer all of their online music for free as an MP3 download.  Occasionally the free music giveaway method does work but it depends entirely on the relationship that that artist has developed with their fans.  An artist I was speaking with recently Nailed it, “Your Vibe Determines your tribe.”   Thanks Brandy!@ 
Most musicians Know that giving away a few tracks from an upcoming Album release can be part of a successful promotional effort.  some artists will give away full albums worth of material or Ep’s. Most artists however are going about it all wrong and are missing a Huge opportunity  when it comes to making the very most of their giveaway products.  When it comes to your Free promotional offers you really need to put your Entrepreneurs hat on and you should be thinking, ” How can I create THE MOST Leverage from This giveaway.”

What is Leverage?

Lets take a look at a few entrepreneurial concepts. When entrepreneurs in any market talk about leverage what they are referring to is using their resources to generate some form of advantage in their business. Their goals will often include: Increasing the visibility of their brand, adding value to their brand and their specific niche market, gaining trust and loyalty from their market and increasing their opt in rates to their email list. The business concept we are invoking in this instance is what is known as “reciprocity”. What this means is that a person is much more willing and inclined to give something back when they receive a gift from you. This is a marketing concept that is used by businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world. Why? Because it works. It is one of the primary concepts that digital marketers use to create Leverage in their marketing campaigns.
If you are not utilizing your free Music offers to accomplish at least one of of these goals you are missing out on a huge opportunity to leverage your brand and your services to your niche market.

Five  ways to Leverage your Free music giveaways.

  1. Offer free downloads as a reward for signing up to your email list
  2. Offer free downloads as rewards for liking your Facebook or other social media pages
  3. Offer free downloads as “gift”  Bonus tracks for purchasing Ep’s or albums directly from your website
  4. Offer free Music downloads as “gifts” for signing up for your Patreon, Kickstarter or other crowd funding campaign
  5. Offer “exclusive” Free songs as a reward for signing up for your “members only” VIP program

Create value in your Niche market, if you don’t who will?

Always keep in mind that your are an entrepreneur/musician, Not just an artist, but a business person as well.  Don’t be afraid to ask for a fair exchange of value from your niche market and always be striving to find ways to impart VALUE    to your fans. This is how you will begin to create leverage toward achieving your goals in the music business.


My name is Richard Artichoker, I am The Founder and Creator of the 7th Gen Academy for DIY Musicians. I have been involved with various aspects of the Music Business for 30 years. in 1992 I founded the hard Rock band "7th Generation". I stopped playing out live 13 years ago but continue to research the music market and digital sales and marketing techniques and I want to share my experience and knowledge with you.
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Planning your Music career: The RPM Strategy.

How To succeed In the Music Business!!

Planning your Music Career

The R.P.M  Strategy


Hey Guys, Welcome back to the second installment of the “How to succeed in the Music Business” series.  Today we are Going to look at  The RPM Strategy. This is a nice little Mnemonic Device to help you begin the process of Reverse engineering your plan for success in the music industry.


The RPM Strategy is a Tony Robbins Concept. he talks about it often as an  action Plan, a Mnemonic device and a metaphor to help you get your mind wrapped around creating a road-map for success in any area.  The term “RPM” Immediately conjures up images of Power, of fast cars and can become an effective metaphor to help you supercharge you’re internal tachometer.


The RPM Strategy

R =  Results

P = Plan

M = Massive Action


Creating Leverage in your music career !

The whole point of this project is to introduce a Little Clarity, a little sanity into a musical market landscape that has become Clouded by the changes that have occurred since the Social media revolution. If you take only one thing from Today’s training let it be this …


(CLARITY)  Is your first and possibly your Most Valuable Point of Leverage!!


Steve Vai said It best in his 2011 Guitar Center Video “How to be successful.” 
The first step in creating/achieving success In anything in Life is to understand what it is that you really want.  You need to have a clear picture of what it is that the end result will look/sound like. 
But you need to take things one step further and you need to ask yourself “Why” you want to achieve this outcome, in answering the “Why” this is where you will find your motivation.



Every Role Model in the Business world I personally know of and Follow all achieve Success through a process of Deconstructing or reverse engineering their personal Vision for success.  That’s what The RPM Model is all about. Success is attainable but often we need a reboot of system in in order to really get our heads wrapped around a new way of thinking about things.  This is why I like The RPM Model. It is simple, It works and It creates a metaphor that empowers your mind to create success.
This is the stage of your mastermind/Brainstorming session where you get to set your goals. I want you to Go back and Look at what you wrote in the “R” Portion of this model. Find the Key “actionable”  elements in your vision. elements like 
for example: ” I want to attract fans from all over the world”.  Ok, Who are these fans? you’ll need an Ideal customer/fan Profile  and Avatar,  make one of your goals to sit down and discover who your Ideal Super Fan is, Who do you really want in your tribe? and why?
So begin By making a Goal to create a ” #1-Fan Profile”  That is an actionable Goal.
This is why it it important to be Specific in the “R” Portion of this model, You’ll need Objective, actionable elements from which to create goals. 

Massive Action:

This is the part of your Model, Your Career map where you execute the plan, But There is reason That Tony Has chosen The phrasing that he has in this portion of the Model. “Massive Action”  It is important  that in order for any of this to matter you have To “all in” You have to dedicate yourself to this and see yourself executing your plan with the tenacity of a pit bull.This is how success happens, Success often happens after the Grind.


My name is Richard Artichoker, I am The Founder and Creator of the 7th Gen Academy for DIY Musicians. I have been involved with various aspects of the Music Business for 30 years. in 1992 I founded the hard Rock band "7th Generation". I stopped playing out live 13 years ago but continue to research the music market and digital sales and marketing techniques and I want to share my experience and knowledge with you.
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How to get started in the music business

I want to be a musician

guitar player

These are the words every parent secretly hopes their child will never speak. You might get a better reception from your family if you were to “come out” and declare that you are a, “gay, atheist, other-kin from the planet dongtron than to announce your intent to make a living as a Musician. Ol’ mom and dad were probably heard many times in conversation with their cronies stating, ” I don’t know what happened, we gave him/her Love and a proper set of values…. Somehow we just lost them”.
Traditionally over the last 60 years deciding to enter into the music industry all too often meant that you were more likely than not destined to spend your life in poverty working odd jobs earning minimum wage in order to make ends meet while waiting for industry gate-keepers to give you you’re big break. For many people declaring your intent to live the life of a musician still invokes images of the starving, booze soaked, drug fueled miscreant so often portrayed in media in the 20th century.
That’s the bad news….
The good news is that becoming a musician today doesn’t have to be the gamble that it used to be. With hard work, dedication and a little specialized knowledge and willingness to learn some key Business and marketing skills you can become a DIY Musician/Entrepreneur and be successful enough to return home for Thanksgiving dinner and still be allowed a seat at the grown up table.  

How to Get started in The music Business

Getting started in the music business is no mystery. Most people begin with exactly what they need; a passion for music and a desire to create it yourself.  Talent certainly is a huge bonus when it comes to building a reputation within music circles But that alone does not guarantee success in the industry. Remember The Music industry in 2016 is a much different creature than it was in 1975 or any other year leading up to the social media revolution.   It is just as important if not more so to understand the role of the market you are trying to reach.
This is where we have to begin getting comfortable with wearing both the artists hat and the entrepreneurs hat at the same time. I don’t want to get in too deep here as we will address  many issues having to do with marketing, branding and developing an entrepreneurs mindset in future installments of this series. But lets begin with the basics.

Step 1

Begin by learning to create music yourself.  This seems like a ridiculously obvious thing to say but in this age of digital noise it is exceptionally easy for a young artist to decide to ignore the act of actually learning how to create sounds with some form of instrument.  you can sample, borrow (steal) or even Buy sounds or beats now so it doesn’t require a person to have any creativity to put together a recording that sounds like music. Artists interested in expressing their own unique perspective and creating a unique sound however will always learn to create from scratch.

Step 2

<< STOP>> before you do anything else, sit down and ask yourself what it is that you want to get out of your music career.  What is it that You want to accomplish in the music industry and are you going to make a career out of this or will it be a fun and interesting hobby.
It may seem silly to approach this decision like this But this is one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your Music life. and it will be the deciding factor in whether or not you succeed or whether you get caught up in the hobbyist mind set. and it is a decision that you need to make before you commit your time and resources to this lifestyle.

Step 3

If you’ve read this far then congratulate yourself,  you’ve taken the first step toward getting your music career off to a healthy start and saving yourself years of grinding away.  We are going to be discussing how to prepare your mind and your business to succeed in this ever changing world of music
The Next thing I want you to do is Got out a Pen or pencil and some paper, I recommend some kind of tablet or binder and get ready to do some homework.  we are going to be exploring your career as a Music professional.  Your first assignment is…..
Sit down and write  down exactly what you want out of the music industry and your New music business.  be precise, The subconscious mind doesn’t deal with “if” or “maybe”  and Then answer the question  WHY??

In our Next post we will explore the RPM strategy for creating your Music business plan. Until then keep on Rocking!! 

My name is Richard Artichoker, I am The Founder and Creator of the 7th Gen Academy for DIY Musicians. I have been involved with various aspects of the Music Business for 30 years. in 1992 I founded the hard Rock band "7th Generation". I stopped playing out live 13 years ago but continue to research the music market and digital sales and marketing techniques and I want to share my experience and knowledge with you.